I still wake up 

Thinking about how we used to be 

And I still think of it 

As if it is just a dream 

We’ve come so far 

We’ve come so close

Still there are things about you 

That makes me wonder 

Maybe we will meet again 

In another life 

Maybe we will be better at it 

In another paradise 

But what if there isn’t another time 

For me to make you mine 

I don’t wanna miss this chance 

Coz I wanna be yours in every life

Till my heart is sound 

And my mind is sane 

Till there’s breathe in my lungs 

And blood in my veins 

I wanna chant your name 

And I want you to chant mine

I wanna be with you 

While I still have time


Eyes that lie

I still wake up 

Thinking about how we used to be 

And I still think of it 

As if it is just a dream 

We’ve come so far 

We’ve come so close

Still there are things about you 

That makes me wonder 

Maybe we will meet again 

In another life 

Maybe we will be better at it 

In another paradise 

But this one 

Just doesn’t feel right 

Because the more I tried 

The more you tried to hide

Hide your feelings 

Hide your emotions 

Hide those tears 

That I wanted to wipe 

I longed to hold you 

To make you feel alright 

But you got a lot of support 

So I guess I’m no longer required 

Pain is demanded to be felt 

And I feel it 

Problems are meant to be dealt 

And I’ll deal with it 

Don’t worry about me 

I’ll be alright 

It’s like another phase to me 

It’ll pass in a few nights 

But if you are in need 

And there isn’t anyone 

That you can find 

You can count on me 

And I’ll be there 

Just like old times 


Mr. Paws

You entered my life 

With your four paws

And your cuteness made everyone 

Drop their jaws 

I still remember 

Your first howl 

The first time you shook hand with me 

You made me smile 

I work all day 

And you wait for me 

To come back home 

And play with thee

You don’t speak 

Yet you express a lot to me 

And I know that you love me 

More than I can love thee 

The way you look at me 

Can not be defined in words 

You are the best thing in me 

Coz you sway my world


The end

Surrounded by a mob 

Yet I feel alone 

I’ve been here all my life

Still it does not feel like home

The winter is long gone 

Then why do I still feel cold 

The night is still young 

Then why do I feel old 

I said I like you 

And you disappeared 

I said I won’t leave you

But will you be there?

And then I ask myself 

That why do I love you?

Why am I still here? 

Are you the right one for me?

Under a mountain of questions 

But got answers to none 

Bonds seem to end 

Before they began 

Let it be

One day I’ll be gone 

And you won’t be there

Forever or not 

No one cares 

Loving you is like 

Being stuck in a sea

With sharks all around 

And no boat to flee 

The night gets darker 

And the sea gets rougher 

The harder I try 

The more I drown 

As if there is no one left 

To come around 

This world is gloomier 

Than I expected it to be 

So why don’t we just let it be 

You be you 

And I will be me 


Eyes that do not lie

I was good at it

But now I’m getting worse,

Although I’m catching up

I’m trying to rehearse,

There’s a world hidden 

Behind those eyes,

A world that can be seen 

Only through those brown eyes,

They hide a secret 

A secret so deep,

That it’s hard to find

Harder to reach

But I will find it,

And I will find you 

Only then I will be content,

Coz I’ll be around you

Those pretty lips 

Are tightly zipped 

No feelings to share,

No person to spare 

There’s nothing else I long to achieve, 

But you time and company 

A little chit chat 

A little this and that

And I will have,

Everything I would ever need 


The lady in white

Her smile is worth the struggle

Her eyes shines like glitter

Everything she touches

Comes to life

She is worth the wait

She makes me alive

We haven’t met 

Yet her presence astounds me

I wonder how I would react 

When she will be around me

She has turned my world upside down 

Can’t even tell, if I’m right or wrong

But I’m ready,

To take a leap of faith 

And see, what lies ahead 

Will I be a part of her life 

Or will I be another phase 

That passes by 

It’s all destiny, they say 

It all happens for good, they say



It was a coincidence 

That we met 

Our paths crossed for good 

I do not regret  

You and me jelled up 

Like bread and butter 

And things got better when we met 

For the first time 

It felt good 

After a long time 

I can be me,

When you are around me

You made me change the way i think

And you did it for my good

Filled my soul with positivity 

In a way I couldnt explore

You changed my thinking 

With so much patience

And I have no way 

To thank you with

So I quote a few lines 

Because I am good at it

May you get what you long

That all I would wish for

May your dreams come true 

And everything good happens to you 

May you plans go smoothly 

The way they should 

Dead man’s poetry 

I’m in a darker place

Somewhere I can’t be chased

Training myself 

Not to feel anymore 

The memories of you 

Have left me sore

I was angry 

I was annoyed 

Coz you were not there 

By my side

You were not there

When I needed you 

You were there 

When you wanted to 

I live today 

I might be gone by tomorrow 

Will you stay with me 

In my happiness and sorrow 

Can I count on you

Will you be there

Should I move on 

I cannot say

So live in the moment 

Live until it lasts 

Live in the present 

And forget about the past 

You were there with me 

Yet I felt alone 

So let’s cut through the chase 

And forget and move on


Unanswered feelings Vol. 2

To be, or not to be

That is the question 

That still haunts me 

I know we would drift apart 

I know this would not last

Still I want to make the most of it

All I need is a hug and a kiss

All I want is someone to take care of me

All I need is a heart to share with me 

But what I want is not what I got 

Cause you were too scared to believe 

For the first time 

It felt right 

I thought I found the one 

Whom I would call mine 

For the first time 

I felt a good vibe 

You were like the missing piece to my jigsaw 

Finally I could set it up right

You had your reasons 

I had mine 

You could not give in yourself 

Without you nothing felt right 

My feelings are still unanswered 

You were away from me, that bothered 

I love the way you look at me 

Even in a crowded place 

You find me 

I wish I could heal you 

By casting a spell 

You too cannot live without me

I can tell 

I know it is the past 

Where our hearts reside 

But all I ask if for you comfort 

By my side

A person like you 

Is hard to come by 

So hold my hand 

And let us give it another try